A3 Trojans
Elite baseball academy that utilizes virtual and home education curriculums to push players to their limits. Offering full-time high school, post grad and boarding options.
Building Better Student-Athletes

Bigger. Faster. Stronger.
Building Better Student-Athletes
About our mission
Each summer, the best players in amateur baseball join onto travel teams and push themselves against other elite players. The other 9-10 months per year, they return to their local high schools. High school baseball is generally watered down, player development is low, and players are left on their own to find private lessons, weight rooms, etc.

High school games are hit or miss - with talent too spread out and pitching too thin. A3 Academy turns those other 9-10 months into an edge for serious players looking to push themselves that better prepares them for professional and college baseball.
A3 Academy
A3 Academy is not a travel team. A3 Academy replaces high school and utilizes virtual and in-person learning curriculums to push players to their limits.
100% Commitment Rate
Every senior or post grad that has ever completed the school year with A3 has college baseball offers. While some seniors opt to take an additional post-grad year with A3, the A3 coaching staff is unmatched in providing opportunities for college placement.
Home of the Trojans
A3 Academy (Tampa, FL) players are challenged daily with a well-rounded coaching staff with emphasis on each position. A3 staff includes two full-time strength and conditioning coaches, full time pitching coaches, hitting coaches, college placement and positional coaches. Most of the A3 coaches played professional baseball for the Yankees, Indians and Twins - with our lowest coaching experience being former Division 1 players. The organization is structured and ran like a hybrid between a professional organization and collegiate program. A3 plays one of the toughest schedules in the country - with games against Florida Jucos, colleges and other academies across the east coast. With players from Tampa, different parts of Florida, Georgia, Lousiana, New Jersey, Canada, Hungary and the Dominican Republic, A3 is a world wide baseball family unlike any other.


A3 challenges players during training and during games. A3 faces far superior competition of a traditional high school player - forcing our players to compete against college, junior college and academy level teams. A3 players go through a highly regimented Fall training schedule made to build speed, power and size. A3’s spring season is a 50+ game schedule built to create comfort in game environments.
Trojan Life
All A3 players are enrolled in Virtual School or do in-person learning - giving them schedule flexibility to participate in all baseball activities. Finally, A3 monitors student-athletes with pace and grade checks - reinforcing students to stay on task and keep their eligibility for practices and games.
Meet Our Team
  • Matt Bomeisl
    Owner, Director
    Matt is the founder of Prospect Wire, Scoutcast, BSBLIQ and A3 Trojans. Matt also runs Scout School for New Balance Future Stars Series / Program 15. Pitched for the University of Florida. In addition to coaching, Matt runs the day to day administrative duties of A3 Academy, speaks to parents, handles communication, scheduling and growth. Matt works hand in hand with Casey and Kinetic Pro to supervise pitchers on game day and ensure workloads are monitored.
  • Addison Maruszak
    VP of Baseball Operations
    Addison is the founder of Baseball University and co-founder of CBU. Played for University of South Florida and 7 seasons in the New York Yankees (AAA) system. Addison is one of the most prominent hitting instructors in the southeast United States, working with a lot of big league hitters in their offseasons. Addison helps advise and do small group work with hitters and designs defensive training protocols.
  • Shane Rowland
    Head coach, A3 National Team
    Director of Player Development
    Shane is a former PG AFLAC All American and highly regarded private instructor in the Tampa area. Former Miami Hurricane and Cleveland Indians (A) catcher. Shane comes from a rich family background in baseball, where his dad serves as the long-time International Crosschecker for the NY Yankees. Shane designs practice plans, and is the most hands on, day-to-day instructor in the organization.
  • Dom Zingarelli
    Assistant coach
    Player development
    Dom serves as a private instructor in the Tampa area with an emphasis on hitting.  Dom works almost daily with our players - helping to conduct practices and provide hands-on instruction on the hitting side.
  • Maddux Faber
    Assistant coach, National team
    Player development
    Maddux roves around as an assistant coach at practices and on game days with an emphasis on the national team as 1B coach.  
  • Drew Brogdon
    Catching coordinator
    Assistant coach
    Drew was the catching coach for HCC last year.  Drew works with our catchers twice per week, taking them through their defensive routines to improve their ability behind the plate. Drew also serves as an assistant coach on game day.
  • Casey Mulholland
    Founder, Kinetic Pro Performance
    After a playing career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Ole Miss and Univ of South Florida, Casey started Kinetic Pro Performance for pitchers.  Casey's facility serves as our primary location for our PO's - ensuring they lift 5 days a week, and are on a specific throwing program. Kinetic Pro is widely considered the premier pitching program on the east coast - with several major D1s opting to utilize their training or workload protocols. A3 pitchers are throwing in a lab environment, outfitted with premium ball tracking technology such as Trackman and Rapsodo, plus bio mechanics technology. 
  • Garrett Young
    Strength and conditioning coach
    Pitchers, Kinetic Pro
    Garrett is the strength coach at Kinetic Pro and supervises the pitchers lifts daily. Garrett also assists them with nutrition, weight gain or weight loss strategies - utilizing My Fitness Pal.
  • Spencer Bodanza
    Strength and conditioning coach
    Position players
    Spencer Bodanza has his CSCS and a former pitcher at the University of Miami. Spencer works under the direction of NY Yankees strength coach Mike Wickland - he serves as an advisor to A3 Academy on assessment protocols and optimal custom programming based on each athlete's specific needs.
  • Adam Acosta
    Adam is the co-founder of Prospect Wire, Scoutcast and Recruiting Edge. Played for Elon University and in the St. Louis Cardinals system. Still writes code to this day whenever he gets a chance.
2023-2024 School Year
Financial Assistance
Pitcher Only
per school year for 10 months
avg $1,000/month
August 2024 to May 2025
High School & Post Grad
per year for 10 months
avg $1,400/month
August 2024 to May 2025
A3 Trojans
Roster spots and enrollment is limited for the 2024 Fall!
A3 is currently receiving an increase in interest for the Fall of 2024. Roster spots are limited. To schedule an open house, meet the coaches, or find out more information, please fill out the form below!
A3 Timeline

The Fall is designed for gains to velocity, speed, bat speed, strength, arm strength, size, athleticism and muscle composition. Each program is designed to make the player more "toolsy" and more of an impact player.


The Winter is a time for feedback, shut down, and recruiting help for those uncommitted players. We begin developing a player development road map for what the player needs improvement at and what their standing is within our organization heading into the spring. We conduct exit meetings with each player that are an honest assessment of each part of their game.


The Spring is game-intensive. A3 schedules maintenance lifts so the players don't lose what they've gained in the Fall. But the spring is more about in-game development vs other academies, Junior Colleges and other small colleges. As the players play a more difficult schedule, they are forced to adapt to the level of competition.

A3 Academy fully supports travel baseball and allows all players to continue playing with their existing summer teams. The players are "off" from the academy for the summer.
All Bases Covered
Elite Schedule
Toughest schedule in the country. Play against top Florida Juco's, colleges and academies.
Player Development
Most A3 players see a significant jump in size, strength, velocity, arm strength, speed and power. Our training regimen exceeds anything a traditional student can do.
College and MLB Exposure
It is not uncommon for A3's games to be covered by MLB scouts. In addition, A3 staff works every year for a 100% commitment rate. We help each player personally get committed to school.
Scholarships Available
Every year we provide scholarships to deserving players meeting certain requirements. We seek players who come from low income / single parent homes, yet have maintained academic excellence and have elite baseball talent. Ask about our scholarship program to see if you qualify.
Co-op & Tutors
A3 partners with the best home school co-op in Tampa Bay. Allowing us to provide optional, in-person learning options for Math, English and Science through our Core Athlete program. Players have the option to add tutoring at the same location. All players have the option of selecting their curriculum - virtual, homeschool, etc.
A3 partners with a beautiful apartment complex that is close to our fields that allow us to house players from outside of the greater Tampa Bay area. One of our head coaches lives in the same complex and helps with supervision. For more information, please inquire.
A3 Trojans
Roster spots and enrollment is limited for the 2024 Fall!
Due to increased popularity, A3 is currently receiving an increase in interest for the Fall of 2024. Roster spots are limited. To schedule an open house, meet the coaches, or find out more information, please fill out the form below ASAP!