We answered the most popular questions about the Academy. If you didn't find the answer here, we'll be glad to help you by e-mail. Write us at matt@a3trojans.com
Does the player have to do a specific virtual school?
No. The player can enroll in the virtual school of their choice, or utilize our classroom to use our in-person learning options.
Do you support roommates for out of area players?
Yes. A3 organizes players that are boarding and helps assign roommates. All A3 players typically stay at our partner apartment complex that is less than 10 minutes from our field and indoor facility.
How long does the academy run?
The academy school year typically follows a similar calendar to the Hillsborough County public school calendar. We start around mid-August and end around Mid-May. We have similar holidays off that any other school has off.

Is there a deadline to register?

Virtual school programs may have various deadlines. "Full-time" programs may have deadlines in July. Flex programs or home school programs won't have deadlines. A3 Academy on the baseball side does not have a deadline - however - we do try to manage the amount of registrations that we receive at a certain position by age. For example, if 2 catchers sign up for our post-grad program, we will hold a waiting list at that position. Therefore, it is first come, first serve.

Does a post-grad player have to repeat high school or go to virtual school?

No. Post grad players can take local classes at Hillsborough Community College, or similar, while in Tampa. Or they can enroll in classes at the online college of their choice so they are continuing to earn college credit. Post-grad players aka "gap year" players stay with us for 1 year with the goal of committing to college while they get bigger, stronger, faster with us.

How often do the players train?

Typically 5 days a week with most weekends off. In addition, A3 players lift in the Fall 4 days a week (out of season), and in the spring 2 days a week for maintenance in-season.

Where is this located?

A3 uses various fields and indoor facilities in Tampa, FL.

Does A3 operate in the summer?

No. The players are encouraged to play summer ball with their travel teams or in collegiate summer leagues.

Who does A3 play against?
A3 runs various teams: a post grad team, a national team, a varsity and a JV. Post grad and national teams play a lot of college competition (such as Florida Jucos) and other academies. Varsities and JV play other academies, local high schools, and out of area high schools that travel in.  All teams typically play in tournaments such as Perfect Game, PBR, Prospect Select, etc.
Roster spots are limited for the 2022 Fall!
A3 is currently receiving an increase in interest for the Fall of 2022. Roster spots are limited. To schedule an open house, meet the coaches, or find out more information, please fill out the form below!